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Why I Tell My Daughter She's Beautiful

Why I Tell My Daughter She's Beautiful

Why I Tell My Daughter She's Beautiful
Several months ago it seemed like articles kept popping up on my Facebook newsfeed and Pinterest homepage about the dangers of telling your daughter she is beautiful, and how damaging it can be to her self esteem. The general premise of these articles was that by telling my daughter that she is beautiful I was inadvertently telling her that her value was dependant on her looks. As a mother of a young daughter, my initial reaction was “Oh no! I have completely ruined my little girl by telling her she is beautiful. I hope I have time to remedy the situation.”

Tell You Daughter She's Beauitful 2

  As I gave this issue some serious thought, something just didn’t sit right with me about banning the words “you are so beautiful” from my conversations with my little girl. While I fully agree with the concept of making sure girls feel empowered beyond how they look, I want to let my daughter know what an amazingly beautiful person she is, in her looks, ideas and actions. I thought back to my own childhood. I have always been a bit on the bigger side, fairly clumsy, my hair was (and continues to be) unruly and I have always had blotchy skin. However, I have always felt beautiful and never lacked the confidence needed to try out for all the plays, sports teams, student government positions and everything else I chose to do growing up.

As I reflect back I believe that this confidence started with my parents telling and showing me that I was beautiful, inside and out. They would tell me that I had a beautiful intellect, a beautiful personality, beautiful talents, was a beautiful friend, sister and daughter and even that I looked beautiful.

I am sure that every parent can see the harm in telling their child that they are ugly, lazy, stupid or worthless. It’s easy to see how a person who is told something over and over again would believe it to be true. If that is the case, I wish to tell my daughter over and over again that she is beautiful (inside and out) in hopes that she will know it to be true."

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  *Celebrate Uniqueness- We are all so unique, but sometimes we just want our unique qualities to fade away so we can be just like everyone else (particularly true for girls). As a mom I think some of the most wonderful things about my kids are the most unique things. I want my children to embrace their uniqueness and grow up to show the world what cool individuals they are. So I love any opportunity to celebrate the the wonderful things that make them so special such as unique talents, hobbies and activities that they enjoy.

Celebrate Uniqueness

One of the things I love are the Adora Friends Dolls (retails for 59.99) which can be completely customized to be just as unique as your own daughter. Adora also believes in building self confidence in young girls, and to show it, they launched the Designed by Kids for Kids program. Adora selects a Young Designer to work with their team to create an outfit for the 18” Dolls! What better way to instill confidence in a young girl, than by allowing her to create something fun and very real, which will be distributed all over the world! The winner/young designer will also get a financial donation to the charity of their choice, on behalf of Adora!

 Thank you for letting us be a part of this heart-warming post!

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