Tugboat &  The Bird, A Proud Adora Retailer

June 16, 2023

Did you know that you can shop ADORA in person at retailers across the nation? We had the pleasure of speaking with Trish, a friendly staff member from our trusted toy retailer, tugboat & the bird to learn about our dolls and toys nestled within the aisles of their adorable shop! Keep reading to learn more about Tugboat & Bird - located in North Winter Park, FL  and find out why they LOVE Adora!

What is your team’s favorite product from Adora? 🌈 

At tugboat & the bird we have had a long long history of loving Adora products! Not only are the dolls absolutely darling, they are top quality and such a perfect price point for every customer! ⭐

Being a Florida store, nothing beats the Splash Time Tots! These have been by far our top Adora seller for the past few years. Our little customers LOVE 💗 the fact that these dolls can swim with them in the pool, ocean or bathtub. 🌊 The float they come with always seals the sale (and doubles beautifully as a floating can holder! So we’ve heard!).

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Adora SplashTime Baby Doll Sprinkle Donut

What do you want fans of Adora to know about Tugboat & the Bird?

As a shop, tugboat & the bird has been in business in Winter Park since 2001 and Adora accessories have been a staff and customer favorites at tugboat & the bird for years. 💗 The strollers, carriers, high-chairs and feeding sets never last long in the shop. We especially love the new baby wagon, it is on-trend and makes an eye-catching window display.

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Why do you LoveSun Smart babies!

When the Sun Smart baby was offered to purchase we immediately knew it would be yet another hit from Adora! 🌞 We reached out to some of our amazing customers who are Pediatric Dermatologists (we have several!!) and they all were blown away and thrilled that someone finally made a baby doll to teach the importance of skin care safety. When the dolls arrived we did a quick video for social media with Dr. Tace Rico and it was one of our highest viewed and we sold out of dolls!!

🌞 To learn more about sun safety for kids, read our blog: Learn the importance of sun safety to kids with Sun Smart Babies!

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